KPW is an independent American hip hop artist and producer. Originating from Northern Virginia, he re-located to Minneapolis, Minnesota as a teenager and began writing and recording songs at the age of 16. He uses a consistently content-driven approach, as he outputs a classic sound with a focus on lyrics, as well as different themes such as freedom, unlearning limiting beliefs, motivational speech and other positive topics. Although his music is generally categorized by many as conscious rap, he emphasizes that he prefers not to be placed in such a box, as to not alienate a potential wide range of listeners. Overall, one of his main goals is to output mostly motivational music.

KPW has worked with other producers from several countries, including but not limited to the U.K., Japan, The Netherlands, India, France, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Tanzania. He has also headlined four shows at the legendary First Avenue concert venue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.